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Buying a domain with us is easy. The following are the basic steps in the buying process:

1. Submit an offer and fill out basic contact information on the domain sales page.

2. You will be contacted via email or phone with a response: your offer has been accepted or not due to either the offer being too low or domain has been sold. In the event your offer is too low, you will have an opportunity to increase your offer or accept a counter-offer (if one has been made). Remember that PAYMENT OPTIONS are available in the event you can't pay the full amount in a single transacation.

3. If an offer or counter-offer has been accepted then we proceed to finalizing the deal. is used for most transactions to protect both the buyer and seller. In most cases, a non-refundable retainer will be required via PayPal to secure the domain first while the bulk of the payment will be via

4. The buyer has the option of having the domain pushed to their account at the same registrar where the domain is registered or having the domain open for transfer to the buyer's registrar of choice.

5. The buyer has up-to 7 days for inspecting that the domain is in their account before the funds are released.

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